About Us

PCN-UK was set up to consolidate as much information and resources regarding PCNs into one place. Because there are different types of PCNs that can be issued from different entities, its hard to know which laws and legislations apply. It is also hard to know which ones are actually enforceable.

Private Parking Companies purposefully try and confuse motorists to try and scare them into paying their charges. Certain laws and loopholes means that a lot of Parking Charge Notices issues by Private Parking Companies can be fought and won. However, it can be a lengthy procedure.

Councils, the police and Transport for London issue Penalty Charge Notices, which are in fact fines. These are a little harder to fight as they are covered by The Civil Enforcement of Road Traffic Contraventions. Hopefully you can see here how Private Parking Companies prey on vulnerable motorists by issuing Parking Charge Notices vs a Penalty Charge Notice. For this reason Private Parking Companies are not legally allowed to use the word fine in their notices, and are even banned from using the word penalty within them.

We hope that our site provides you with the resources you need to help you better understand what you have been issued and how to proceed.